02/11/2021 – Rigo Hawaii – Spanish Italian

Ordered for take-out due to current situation. The parking lot is small but I called and they offered to bring my order to the car, yay. All dishes were very good. My favorite was the porchetta.

Caesar Salad w/ black sesame tuile – We liked the black sesame tuile it was like adding candied walnuts, they were crispy and added a nice sesame flavor that added to the flavor of the salad. The cheese, we think is goat cheese.

Jamon Iberico – Nice amount of slices, salty and fatty.

“Taco” Pincho De Cerdo (pork belly tacos with daikon “shells”) – A nice surprise, daikon shells are an interesting twist, a little spicy for me but nice flavors combined to make a nice dish.

Tortilla (egg, potato, chorizo, & prosciutto) – Like a frittata, but not. Nice flavors with the chorizo and potato.

Pulpo (grilled octopus with arrabiatta sauce, & potatoes) – The octopus was so soft, potatoes were nicely cooked and the arrabiata sauce was nice and spicy. Makes me want to try their pastas.

Josper Grilled Porchetta (pork belly roll grilled in Josper oven, with potato puree) – Edges were so crispy, the pork was super tender and was like eating a giant bacon, I love bacon.

Crostini (toasted bread with prosciutto, papaya, mascarpone cheese, & macadamia nut blossom honey) – Surprisingly a nice combination of flavors (I never liked papaya growing up). Everything adds to the dish, even the red peppercorns bringing out the flavors in the honey. The mascarpone is so light and creamy.

Highly recommended by C, she said its a must try.

Seafood Paella (Manilla clams, Kauai shrimp, carnaroli rice) – Seafood was cooked well, nothing overcooked. The rice was a little bitey but the flavors were really good.

Overall, this is a do-over and we will probably try their pastas and pizzas next. Thanks C for the recommendation.

Rigo Hawaii http://www.rigohawaii.com

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